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Friday, March 5, 2010

The Rally in the Advertisement Field.

We have seen the Best adds from Vodafone i.e. the zoo zoo advertisements, which is simple and yet the most appealing and effective advertisement. By simple I meant by viewers point of view, but it had involved many techniques in it, which we have seen.

We have also seen the stars advertising for the products and becoming the brand ambassadors, like Amir Khan for TATA SKY and Shahrukh khan for Dish TV. There may be a healthy/rivalry competition between these two. But still we can clearly see the cut throat competition between them. Both are slashing the price rates and adding up additional features and so on. This scenario happens between any of the products. Generally, this happens when there is two product companies entering into the market more or less at the same time and thriving for the market share.

Adding to that here comes the advertisement of the Rin product, which is a consumer product. I was surprised to see the Rin advertisement where it took its competitor Tide to show that it was the best than the Tide. I was wondering that are these companies following the rules and regulations in the advertisement field.

Monday, May 25, 2009


A week back we had been to Shivamoga to attend wedding of my cousin. Shivamoga is of 7 hrs journey from Bangalore. Shivamoga is derived from lord shiva’s moga (mukha i.e. face). The wedding was arranged very well. . After wedding, we roamed around the city in vidyanagar. It is a small town in Shivamoga. We took a walk in the same lane of the wedding hall located. We saw mangoes on the way, meanwhile we asked the cart guy for some park or visiting places in that city. Then he pointed to the palace, which was in the same lane of the wedding hall. Actually, you cannot realize that it is a palace. Because of the poorly maintained entrance. There is no single signboard of saying that there is a palace. Well we got a place to relax.
Here are few pics of the palace.
First the Wedding Couple

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nano Generation

We saw the much awaiting TATA's Nano on the its time to see them (TATA) in Real Estate sector.I learnt that the "TATA" is launching flats for just Rs.3.91lakhs.well these are Nano Flats which will launched in next 2 years in Outskirts of Mumbai. the project is named as "Subha Gruha". Need to see what Subh (luck) it brings to the people who owns it in future.

Loved the Dog and the ZooZoos too.

No wonder most of them liked the Voda’s Dog Add; this time too everyone will like the new concept of their new Add ZooZoo.
I was Surprised when I came to know that the characters used in the ZooZoo Add by Vodafone are Humans (ladies). For the first time I thought that they were the animated cartoons.
Vodafone have come with up new great idea to promote their product in the IPL cricket matches. These adds were especially prepared for the IPL matches and have been launched.. It is said that they have 22 ads and each day there will be new one released on the screen. These have been produced by the Ogilvy &Mather, the add agency that handles the Vodafone adds. The greater fact is that these ads were shot within 1 month.

More Details:
They have used thin ladies and covered them up with the layers of thin white fabrics and the faces of the characters and pasted with the thin rubber material for the exhibit of facial expressions.
you can Download your Favourite ones here:
Coollll idea!!



Yesterday over a conversation with colleague she talked about her recent visit to the Thirupathi Temple. She also said about the crowd and the ATR (All Time Rush) there. In fact this rush will never end up, irrespective of the season. She also mentioned about the food served their. In fact earlier there was stipulated time for the lunch and dinner, after which the food will not be served. Itseems, that recently they have changed this and made it ATA (All Time Availabe).
Immediately my mind recalled Dharamtasatala. It is one of the holy places for Hindus. Even here the food is free for the temple visitors.
The thing which striked me more in her conversation was: she mentioned about the food served free for the people who comes climbing the hill steps.
I had a confusion here, that how will they recognise people who have climbed the hill steps or they have come via their vehicle transport.
Okk,,, the question was still in my mind, as i didn't get a exact answer . Later on I read on the net on that they have been using the biometrics technology in thirumala also.
How?... the people who walk through the hill steps, before they could start, the thirumala administrative people will get the finger prints of hands. This is Hilarious!!
Yet to see the Biometric PAN cards. Not to mention that this is going to be implemented very soon by Indian IT companies only, that’s Good to hear.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

does look matters?

wonder start to notice Mandira in her new looks.if u have noticed, Mandira has changed her looks in this ongoing IPL cricket match.was that her new looks specific for the IPL cricket match? no idea. well for me she was looking better in her previous looks, compared to the one now with short blacked hair. very much before her entry to the cricket match, I liked her in the Teleserial Shanti.I have heard that Shanti was a massive hit serial. well Mandira entry to the cricket match was with the Word cup 2003 in south Africa.after that she never turned back to her teleserial life. I liked her as an actress more than an anchor for hosting the cricket matches.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Three more reasons too look forward..
1. IPL Cricket Match
2. Elections
3. Tata Nano ONRoad